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Books & Booooooze

For this day of Book Club we are mixing things up a bit. Literally! During book club, we will be serving a flight of 5 BOOOzy fall drinks that will get everyone in the fall/Halloween spirit! While you are sampling our cocktail line up, we will be introducing our book of the month from Redbery Books in Cable which is titled "The Wager" by Kerry Casey. Some of you have already bought the book but we are allowing more time since it is longer and we have a few books for purchase. We will review this book on Nov 10th. Fall flight is $10 per person. 

Cutting Board Engraving

We've all seen those beautifully engraved cutting boards at some point in our life- perhaps it was at a housewarming party, a wedding shower, under a delicious charcuterie spread, or displayed as a decoration. It may not be an item that we would buy for ourselves but we admire the art of others. Well, good news! We no longer have to BUY one for our next gift exchange, we are going to learn how to make our very own! Surely a handcrafted (with love) cutting board will surpass anything they've received. Perhaps it would make a great gift for someone during this Holiday season? This instructor lead class will include all the tools you need to create your work of art that will leave a lasting impression on more than just a cutting board. Class is $40 per person and you must RSPV and pay online by Oct 24th. 

Chocolate & Chapters

For this book club, we will be reviewing "The Wager" by Kerry Casey and introducing our new book from Redbery Books titled "The Reading List" by Sara Nisha Adams. But EVERYTHING is more fun with chocolate! So, during this book club, we will be sampling 5 chocolates with unique flavor combinations. What is even more fun than book club and chocolate? Well- let's throw in some chocolate wine pairings as well and make it a party! Pla-Mor will have a few copies of "The Reading List" for purchase during book club. Chocolate and wine flight is $15 per person.

Pumpkin Cocoa Bombs

Join us in creating these very festive Jack-o-Lantern themed cocoa bombs! What is a Cocoa Bomb you ask? A Cocoa Bomb is a hand-crafted chocolate shell (in this case shaped like a pumpkin) and is traditionally filled with hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. You then drop the chocolate "bomb" into a mug of hot water or hot milk and watch the chocolate melt and evolve into the perfect cup of hot cocoa. Fun and delicious for all ages and a great idea for Halloween gifts for the grandkids, teachers, neighbors, or yourself! Class is $15 per person and you must RSPV online by Oct 15th. 

P.A.L.S. & Partners Game Night

Join us for another P.A.L.S. and Partners Game Night! This game will test our patience, communication skills, and taste buds! It's a game of "what's in my mouth?" Here's how it works. You will be blindfolded and you will get a taste of a food item (don't worry-nothing too nasty) and you will have a certain amount of time to describe the food item to your partner using your sense of taste and texture only. If your partner guesses the item correctly, your team wins a point! Whichever team wins the most points by the end of game wins the Grand Prize. As the game progresses, the teams will be eliminated, the time will lessen, and the food items will get harder. So, cleanse your palate, and join us for this fun game!

Free Bingo

Join us for 2 hours of Bingo!  Oct 27th will be "Trick or Treat" themed. If you win bingo, will the prize you chose be a "treat" or a "trick"? Come test your luck and find out! Nov 17th will be pie themed. All bingo winners will win a pie (flavors will vary) just in time for Thanksgiving that you are share with your family, give as a gift, or indulge yourself! All game prizes are donated and are non-monetary. No purchase necessary to play. Limit one card per person per game. Remember, ladies get 20% off all food purchases.